Our German Rottweilers 

Sugar Roxanne Princess of Uberlegens 
"The sun is in my face mom."
Smokey Rotthunter Van Haitsma 
Smokeys' Parents:
(Pictures of parents are from the Van Haitsma website and not for copying. Pictures are the ownership of Van Haitsma Farms and here to show you the quality of our studs parentage.)

This is our Stud, Smokey, at 3 months old. This is a good visual aid for anyone interested in this breed to see just how smart they are and how young they are to be so well trained. The opportunities are endless with this breed! 
"Sugar Bear" as everyone says grew into her name more than we could have imagined. When we first picked sugar up from the airport at just 8 weeks old, we new then she would be something special. She has the SWEETEST temperament you could ever ask for in a dog. We knew then she would make a good therapy dog. She has a loving attitude and is happy to see EVERYONE & EVERYTHING! Our vets absolutely adore her and currently she works as a Therapy dog from time to time at The Oaks Nursing Home in Winston Salem visiting with the elderly and their staff and has become the new mascot for the facility. Anytime we come in, everyone says "Where's Sugar?!? If I didn't have her with me I believe they might would give me the boot. :) She is the best representation of the breed and everyone who meets her falls in love. 
Sassy Princess of Uberlegens
Sassy is a true character and her nickname is "clownface." You will see it at certain times when she looks at you, she looks like she is smiling. She is a big goof ball, and super sweet just like sugar. Sassy craves attention on another level, while sugar is very laid back, Sassy is up beat and ready to please and learn! Sassy has been visiting briefly in nursing homes like sugar and has naturally medically alerted by circling a resident. So you might've guessed it. Sassy will be being trained to medically alert and we will determine in what area such as Diabetic, Heart Attack, Stroke and so forth. Sassy is the momma to be for our upcoming Litter of Late Spring/Early Summer of 2017 and will be bred with Smokey. These two will make a great litter of puppies with endless potential just as litters past have proven to be. Sassy is a big girl, thick bodied with a great head and mahogany color and a great model of the German Rottweiler Standard. 
Ah Smokey! What is there NOT to say about Smokey. This boy is truly the all around best of the best. He is the smartest Rottweiler I have had the pleasure to own and train. He is extremely loyal and giving. He has the biggest "I just want to please you" and "I can learn anything" personality. Smokey knows how to "find it", "Look", "Speak", "Laydown", "leave it" (this command he backs away a foot everytime it is said), "Come", "Go Up" (he will return to his kennel) "roll over", "right paw", "left paw", "stay and extended stay" ,"drop it", "get it". This boy is a great Sire for anyone line. His smarts and attitude are to die for. He loves people and children and gets along great with other dogs. He loves to play ball, so much even, that the ball becomes his reward for any tasks he is asked to do. Smokey is currently training in Search and Rescue/recovery. We is able to track and air scent and we are continuing to challenge him which is excels in.