Our Stud Services 
We ONLY Breed Registered Rottweilers with our Stud with the intent to improve the breed. 

How We Breed: 

We Provide both Natural and Artificial Insemination by our veterinarian. We provide clean and comfy kennels you see pictured below for this service. The two dogs are always 100% supervised during breeding sessions. We try natural breeding first on site. If the two dogs are comfortable with each other. If we have 2-3 successful ties we will not use artificial insemination unless the bitch owner would still like to do so. Before we undergo an breeding sessions we will take the bitch to our vet to confirm her current standing in her heat cycle to evaluate the best day for breeding that the bitch will have the best chances in conceiving. 

We invite any potential customers to come out to our farm for a visit to see our set up to make sure we are the right fit for them. We Iive on a beautiful 12 acre farm full of all sorts of fruit trees and happy animals. We allow our dogs to run free daily and return to kennels at night as our land is completely fenced in with 4-6 foot fencing so they are safe to venture and explore. Dogs here for our stud services are let out to play and exercise based on each dogs personal needs and what their owners feel comfortable with.

We Require:

1.)  All bitches to be up to date on all vaccines and worming. Any vaccines the dog is not up to date on will be completed by our veterinarian prior to any breeding. All fees incurred in updating vaccines is separate from the stud dog contract and the bitches owners responsibility to reimburse the stud dog owner for all costs associated. 

2.) We also require proof of registration. 

3.) Ample time up to 7-10 days to breed the bitch successfully due to each bitch having their own cycle, the day in which we receive her she may be 3-5 days or more, before she is at her prime time to be bred. Most people bring their bitches to our facilities after the bitch has been in heat for about a week. Best days for breeding vary based on the bitch between days 7-13 in heat. 

4.) Payment for Services in due up front and refunded at the time of ultrasound at 30 days after breeding is completed if the bitch did not conceive minus the fees incurred, as found in more detail in our contract.